Saturday, May 27, 2017


Sometimes I do things not because I want to, but because they need to be done. Other days, I lounge around all morning. I delay reading the mail, writing reports or making phone calls.  Then my guilt takes over. There are families and kids counting on me to complete the reports and to move their adoption process or actual adoption along. My family or friends may also be counting on me. So, I do what needs to be done.

Talking about adoption with your kids can seem the same. Sometimes you are on top of things. At other times, you let things slide. You aren't sure what to say or how to say it. Should you ask questions or wait for your child to bring it up? Will you be causing issues by mentioning adoption?  Do you take this opportunity and do what needs to be done or do you let the moment pass?

Honestly, how will your child become comfortable with adoption in their lives or know it's all right to talk to you about it if you don't show them that it's okay to do so?

What should you do? Look for openings to talk about adoption. They are all around you. Movies, television shows and even commercials provide these opportunities. Even if what you've seen is not the positive message you hope for, it can be used as a teaching example of what adoption is, should be or how you want to change someone’s impression of what it is.

Go for it.

Kathy Ann Brodsky, LCSW is a New York and New Jersey licensed social worker, adoptive mom and advocate for ethical adoption practice. Through her private practice and agency affiliations, she has prepared thousands of adoption homestudies, counseled adoptive parents, parents-to-be and adopted persons, as well as trained professionals to work with adoptive families. She was Director of the Ametz Adoption Program of JCCA, a member of the Advisory Board for POV’s Adoption Series, currently a member of the Adoption Advisory Board of Path2Parenthood and active in the Adoptive Parents Committee in New York. Her blogs and written contributions can be seen at her BLOG and as Head Writer for ADOPTION.NET  She was named an “Angel in Adoption” by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption in 2001. You can reach her directly at EMAIL