Friday, December 14, 2018


Starting with the initial contact (usually by phone or email) I explain the adoption process, encourage questions and explain my availability throughout as well as in the years ahead. I don’t just disappear. A quick email, text or phone call is all that is needed for me to be there with advice, guidance, resources or a shoulder to lean on.

Holidays are a time that many people find particularly difficult. Attending family events or other social gatherings can put you in a position to be questioned about children, fertility or adoption.

Figuring out how to respond in these situations can raise anxieties. Being around children while waiting for your own can lead to sadness or even hopelessness for your situation.

It can help to remember that one day you too will be celebrating with a child by your side. In the meantime, you have the right to participate however you wish and however it makes you feel comfortable.

Last year my blog GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS gave suggestions on how to navigate through the parties, family reunions, friend gatherings and more. Refer to it for specific hints.

Wishing you the best of the holidays….Kathy

Kathy Ann Brodsky, LCSW is a New York and New Jersey licensed social worker, adoptive mom and advocate for ethical adoption practice. Through her private practice and agency affiliations, she has prepared  thousands of adoption  homestudies, counseled  expectant, birth, pre/post adoptive parents and  adopted  persons, as  well  as trained  professionals  to  work  with  adoptive  families. She  was Director of the  Ametz  Adoption  Program of  JCCA and a member of the Advisory Board for POV’s Adoption  Series and is currently a  member of the  Adoption  Advisory  Board  of  Path2Parenthood, Adoption   Professional   Advisory  Council  of  HelpUSAdopt  and  active  in  the  Adoptive Parents Committee in  New  York.  Her  blogs  and  written contributions can be seen throughout the Internet, including  her  BLOG  and  as  Head  Writer  for  ADOPTION.NET   She  was  named  an  “Angel in Adoption” by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption in 2001. You can reach her directly EMAIL