Tuesday, April 3, 2018


I've done 1000’s of homestudies and prepared singles and couples adopting domestically and internationally since 1986. Whether choosing me or not, I want people finding the appropriate and best homestudy provider (private social worker or agency) possible.

1.   Have you done homestudies before?
It is very important that the social worker doing your homestudy has experience in adoption and writing of the reports as there are specific state and federal regulations that must be adhered to.

2.   Have you done a homestudy for a domestic adoption or for the country I am adopting from?
Just knowing what goes into a homestudy does not mean the social worker knows the subtleties and wordings that are necessary to meet a specific country, state or agency’s requirements.

3.   When did you last do a domestic/international homestudy for the type of adoption I am doing?
Things change all the time. You want your social worker to do it right the first time. Any unfamiliarity with current standards or requirements will cause delays in your adoption process.

4.   Can you do the necessary clearances for the homestudy?
Different states require state criminal or child abuse clearances. Additional federal clearances may be necessary, as well.

5.   Have you worked with my "placement agency" or “attorney” before? If so, when?
Collaboration between your placement agency, attorney and homestudy provider is critical during your adoption process. Find out early if they have worked together and if they will work together at this time to meet all the requirements for your adoption.

6.   Can you review the report before it goes to the attorney, agency, court or immigration?
While there are some instances in which you cannot see your homestudy prior to submission, you should know the answer before you start the process. If you cannot see it prior to submission, will you know what the recommendation will be? What happens if there is incorrect information?

7.   Who “owns” the homestudy?
If you change your adoption process after the homestudy is complete, can you get additional original documents to work with another agency or attorney? Is there an additional interview or fee?

8.   How long does the homestudy process take and what is going on during that time?
Get a general time line and understanding of the steps of the process. Will you be notified if there are delays?

9.   How much does the homestudy cost?
Get a description of all fees that may apply, even if you are not receiving a specific service at that time. What other services may be available/needed (ex. Post Placement Visits) and what are the fees?

10. Can you call the social worker, if you have questions during the process?
You want to make sure the person doing your homestudy remains available to you during the homestudy process, and even after the adoption. Can you call them from time to time with a question about the process or if you are “having a bad day”? Is there an additional fee?

Be an educated consumer. Seek references from other adoptive parents and local
adoptive parent support groups.

Best of luck throughout your adoption process…..

Kathy Ann Brodsky, LCSW is a New York and New Jersey licensed social worker, adoptive mom and
advocate for ethical adoption practice. Through her private practice and agency affiliations, she has
prepared thousands of adoption homestudies, counseled expectant, birth, pre/post adoptive parents and
adopted persons, as well as trained professionals to work with adoptive families. She was Director of the
Ametz Adoption Program of JCCA and a member of the Advisory Board for POV’s Adoption Series and
is currently a member of the Adoption Advisory Board of Path2Parenthood, Adoption Professional
Advisory Council of HelpUSAdopt and active in the Adoptive Parents Committee in New York. Her blogs
and written contributions can be seen throughout the Internet, including her BLOG and as Head Writer
for ADOPTION.NET  She was named an “Angel in Adoption” by the Congressional Coalition on
Adoption in 2001. You can reach her directly at EMAIL